Bumping Locks & Lock Bumping

Bumping Locks, or Lock Bumping, is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially-crafted bump key. This method is also known as key bumping or bump keying.

Bumping Locks

An example of a "Bump Key" used for bumping locks.

The history of bumping locks goes back to 1970s when some locksmiths in Denmark shared a technique for knocking on a lock cylinder, in which an ordinary key can be filed so that, when it is inserted into a door lock and tapped, the internal pins can be jarred in such a way that the lock will open.

To bump locks, a person does not need any special set of skills or expertise as compared to other lock picking techniques. The lock bumping technique is so simple that with little knowledge and practice, even a 10 year old child can bump a lock in minutes.

Bump keys can be made without much effort and one bump key can be used to pick all cylindrical locks. Nowadays you may even find sets of bump keys and lock bumping kits available for purchase.

Bump Proof Lock

An Example of a Bump Proof Lock

There are locks available that are claimed to be “bump proof”, and they are significantly more expensive than normal locks.

90+% of American households use standard cylinder locks which can be bumped without much effort. Some locks can be bumped even with a simple flick of a finger on the head of the key.

The bumping method is non-destructive. If the lock is bumped it is unlikely to be significantly damaged, hence the police may have no way of telling if criminals have gained entry via lock bumping or some other means.

This category covers specialized guides on easiest lock bumping methods, ways to craft bump keys, how to bump locks and much more!


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