Technically, Lever Tumbler Lock was the next lock developed after the warded lock; it was in fact made to replace the warded lock, so you can assume that they are fairly alike.

A place where you WILL see this lock would be safety deposit boxes.  But, since it is incredibly hard to pick when it is being used as a lock on a safety deposit box, most locksmith’s use a “nose puller” to open the lock.

Lever locks have a unique look to them.  They are a slot cut into the face of a metal cylinder with a matching slot on the collar or the lock cylinder.

The keys that are used to open these locks are often called flat keys.  Why?  Because that is exactly what they are.  They are flat stamped keys with no side warding cuts whatsoever

How to Crack Lever Tumbler Locks details every thing that would help you to crack this hard to pick lock.

Following topics are covered in this document:

  • Uses
  • Keyway
  • The Keys
  • Time for Operation
  • Picking